Ways To Make A Man Love You

Guest post written by Crescele.

We’ve talked earlier on ways to make a man “fall in love with you”, now we’ll deal with ways to actually make a man “love you”.  The difference: “falling in love” is the initial stage, “making it deeper” is the next.

Not catering to his every need

When you’re still in the “how to get him to fall in love with you” stage, you do even the simplest things to get his attention. When you’re a couple, this won’t work. To get a man to love you deeper, you have to trigger the protector in him. Remember, inside the mind of a man is a sense of superiority.  What’s he really thinking: he should take charge. Being dependent on him, just enough, is one of the ways to make a man love you.

When he takes charge, help him. But don’t push your own actions. If you need to influence him, do it gently. What’s he really thinking of you then: you’re very supportive.

Awakening his emotional core

Help a man love you by making yourself available for him to pour out his emotions. He needs your company to satisfy his need for emotional closeness. When he shows vulnerability, what’s he really thinking about is trust in you.

But don’t be hasty in asking him to share every emotion. Patience is part and parcel of the art of how to make someone fall in love with you. When it comes to feelings, men are more cautious.

Men may take risks in competition, but not so much with their hearts. What’s he really thinking when it’s about his emotions: he has to be sure.

Acceptance of who he really is

Just as being yourself is one of the ways to make a man fall in love you, so is accepting him for being himself. It’s a two-way street. Women feel great when they are loved for who they are, unconditionally. The same is true for men. Don’t constantly try to change him, even subtly. If you do, what’s he’ll start thinking will probably be that you’re manipulative.

Appreciation is key. If you make him feel adored despite his flaws and he loves you too despite your imperfections, what a great relationship you both have!

Looking forward positively

Nothing kills a relationship and love faster than being negative. Leave all the bad vibes behind!. What men want in a relationship is long term: making it last.  What’s he really thinking of a lasting relationship? That it’s every bit as exciting as it is priceless!

Therefore, bring your good qualities together and work on the bad. You’re thinking: that’s difficult; I don’t really know what he is thinking about: it’s not easy. True, but it’s totally worth it.

A positive view of yourself and your man, a positive outlook as a couple: If you need to initiate, do so. Then work it out together. Indeed, being with him through thick and thin is one of the ways to make a man love you more.



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