How Do You Know If A Woman Is Attracted To You?

The mysteries of attraction! Imagine a formula that would enable any man to know if and when a woman is interested in him.

A method which he could easily use to determine if he should approach a woman he is interested in, pursue his efforts or simply give up.

Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You

Well although we cannot call it a formula as such, there is actually something like that and you might even be using it already. It’s called the art of reading the signals we send about ourselves.

It is an art you would do well to learn about if you really want to know about male and female attraction to men!

It is the art of body language interpretation!

Politicians, the police, the army and a whole spectrum of organizations and institutions worldwide have long recognized the usefulness of being able to read someone’s body language and you will find body language experts advising some of the most powerful men and women in any number of fields. There is indeed a whole lot that can be learned from body language and it is in fact a discipline that is much sought after.

But you don’t have to be an expert to use this incredible tool. Chances are you already do even if you don’t realize it and today I will share with you six simple signals that can tell you a great deal about the interest a woman may have in you.  The best thing is that it is even relatively easy to become fluent in the “body language interpretation business” or at least proficient enough to get you the information you need.

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In the meantime…. Consider that you are in the presence of someone who is getting angry.  So angry in fact that this anger may explode with unwelcome consequences.  If that were to happen, chances are you would instinctively sense that something important is about to take place before it actually does, giving you the opportunity and the time to either diffuse the situation or move away from potential danger.

What has happened that gave you this clue?  You were able to interpret the signs this person was sending out about his  increasing anger even if these signals were unnoticeable. Indeed you were being cognitive of his body language and this ability is deeply rooted as a defense mechanism.

Women have been doing this since the beginning of times, are still having to do it and the fact that they can read these types of signals enables them to be more sensitive to their environment and ultimately safer.  Over time they have trained themselves to pay attention to such signals some time as matter of life and death.

It is this very ability to read body language that women also draw upon when assessing a potential partner and they will usually know a great deal about a person before that person has even had the opportunity to realize they were being “evaluated”.

The good news is you can do the same thing yourself!  You just have to pay attention, learn to see and listen as opposed to look and hear.

So what are the signs that a woman is attracted to a man?

Eye Contact. Imagine you are sitting in a bar and all of a sudden you feel that someone is looking at you. You turn around and there she is, looking at you. If it’s a fleeting glance and she then looks away never to look at you again, then she might have just looked in your direction and not at you. But when a woman is attracted to a man, she will usually find a reason to look at him, either directly, or in glances.  Here is the thing.  If she is looking at you, it may not just be because she finds you interesting, but she may also be trying to establish whether you are looking at her too. Eye contact is an important indicator of a woman’s interest.

Smiles. If both of you have indeed made eye contact, it is often the case that the woman will follow this up with a smile.  Shy or otherwise, a smile once eye contact has been made is yet another indicator that this lady is finding you interesting.

Head / Hair Toss.  Hair is often regarded as a sign of feminine health.  When a woman tosses her hair, she is usually saying “look at me!  I am pretty!  And I want you to notice me!”

Lip Nibble.  Probably the one body language men can usually notice and for good reasons.  It works.

Hair Flick.  I have read somewhere that this is a favorite flirting gesture as it suggests a projection of the essence of a woman.  Essence or not, the hair flick may be a way to expose more of herself, granting the lucky object of this lady’s attention a more “intimate” view of her face, neck, ears….

Neck Stroking.  Very much a continuation of the hair flick, this is a technique that stimulates and draw attention.

There you have it.  A very few examples of some of things men never see, just because they don’t know how to look.


Now, a word or two of caution…

Whilst body gesture are important indicators of male and female attraction , it is important to note that body language is not an exact science.

Use common sense, look, listen, learn…

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